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Educational Facilities

In Sri Vijay Vidyashram, the facilities and infrastructure available are for the students and teachers to provide access to the best of technology. Here, technology is not only used to enhance the teaching learning process, but it is also each and every domain of the school's functioning. The classes have been provided with interactive software in the curriculum that makes their learning easier and interesting.

Spacious Classrooms

Spacious ClassroomsLearning must be a joy, stimulating the mind and lifting the spirit. The school has classrooms that are very spacious and it has been implemented with smart class. The smart class IQ boards are provided by "Hi-Commands", leading edutainment company. The IQ boards are very much handy for the teachers as well as for the students to develop their knowledge.

Computer Lab

Computer LabThe school has an excellent IT structure equipped with the latest technology and software. Every student has an individual and unlimited access to the computers. Working in computer lab will sharpen their analytical skills as you discover the structures of the underlying software. The children stretch their creative talents as they are able to design new concepts and thus will improve their imaginative thinking.


LibraryThe school has excellent library facilities with wide range of volumes of books, and it subscribes to over 75 periodicals and magazines. It is equipped with an orderly arrangement of books enabling the students to have access to the necessary books quickly. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning.

LCD Theater

LCD TheaterThe LCD Theater has multimedia projectors with many accessories which has revolutionized the learning programmed at school at all levels. This audio visual room has facilitated the interactive teaching techniques and has given the opportunity to our students to explore the world of interactive learning. Multimedia is one of the educational tools, and the most effective method of the eleven multiple intelligences as proven by Howard Gardner and we have implemented this knowledge in our school through the available facilities.