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"The Golden Rule is of no use to you whatever unless you realize it is your move."

For a child to be brought up in a disciplined way, manner is very important. Here at Vijay Vidyashram, we have children from age group of 3 and above. The fundamentals for a child - The kids are trained on usage of handkerchief and how to answer their nature calls when they are away from their home, at school. At a later stage they are introduced to healthy eating habits, where parents are requested not to send junk food, instead homemade healthy foods are encouraged. Schedules of food items to be sent are given to the parents. Then they are introduced to table manners, here they become independent to handle their belongings. Apart from this, we insist on developing their social etiquette, speaking politely and respecting elderly people.

They are also trained to share their belongings with others, where a sense of social responsibility is developed in them. Golden rules are laid for a child to follow them strictly in the school premises. Every child is made aware of the golden rules pertaining to their age group.

The students of our school should be on time and should not bring any valuable items. Students are asked to maintain discipline in the school. They should keep the classes and other belongings clean.