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Primary Classes (I to IV)

Sri Vijay Vidyashram, the curriculum followed for the primary class is Xseed (Unleash the mind). Through this they practice activity based learning, where they are being taught every lesson by giving visual and practical experiences. So this makes the children easy to understand the concept and therefore the education becomes edutainment for them.

After a great study it is understood that the teachers' contribution alone is not sufficient for the success of any class. Contribution is equally important from a child, to make the class interesting, and possible. Every child in the class is involved in areas like activities and projects.

Here in Vijay Vidyashram, each teacher in the process of teaching need to actively involve the child in the concept taught everyday. For a science teacher, to teach a chapter on plants, she need to prepare her kitchen garden much in advance before the topic and involve the kids for further activities like watch and record the growth of the plants, color of the leaf and it goes on, where the curiosity of the child is kindled. The child loves to explore intensively and teacher creates a platform for the same. This is not only for science, but for other subjects like English, Mathematics, Computer and Languages also. This makes the class not only interesting but also increases the confidence level of the child.