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Personality Traits

"A child's mind is not a pot to be filled,
but a flame to ignite."

We understand it well. We never worry to cover the syllabus but allow the children to uncover it. We are very particular not to make children to repeat everything as parrots do, instead we treat them as an individuals. We want to make their present bright, rather than worry about their future. To enhance children's hidden intelligence 'Idiscoveri Xseed' system of education, Learning box and High commands are the blooming technologies introduced. Only in our school 'Learning box' is introduced in India for the first time to class III and IV.

Children of age group 8 and 9 showed their best performances in our 'Science expo', ' Wheel to Sat' last year. VIP's and personalities of college level came and wondered when a 4+ age boy explained the digestive system without any assistance or prompting. Chrysalis (Computer based) projects done by our children are appreciated very much by the parents and put them on the spot of wonder.

Our productive pedagogies lead us to touch the top from the base. Instead of receiving, reciting or participating in routine practice, higher order thinking is shared by each child to another. On the spot elocution competitions, written test about new themes will be held often, to judge the value of ideas, materials and methods by developing and applying standards and creativity.