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Tools of Learning

Our school's sessions actively involve the young learners and thereby enhance their learning process. We follow a multi-pronged approach to education, which is interactive and encourages questioning. Various teaching approaches are used to further assist our learning process:

  • Theories of Multiple Intelligences.
  • Bloom's taxonomy.

The Teaching Tools form an integral part of the system of learning. The learning process is enhanced with Picture talks, story Flash cards, PowerPoint and multimedia presentations. To encourage activity based learning, the lesson planner for teachers is assisted with a number of interactive games and activities. The young learners are encouraged to learn by doing rather than watching and hearing Enquiry, observation and experiential skills are enhanced in the Science and Math Labs. These cater to children of all age groups and support our philosophy of learning through fun.

Multiple Intelligence

Application of multiple intelligences allows teachers to provide different ways of engaging children in learning. Teachers in our school have been given training under how to explain the concept or subject to the students of different intelligences. Every child has any one of the eight multiple intelligences. Here at Vijay Vidyashram, a lesson or concept has to be taught in such a way that all the intelligences must be included. So that every child in the class will be able to understand the concept taught. This will also help the teachers to broaden their intellectual ability. It can allow them to plan authentic learning based on student's needs, interests and talents.