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Kinder Garten

Child's first stepping into the school is the most enjoyable, memorable and important experience in its lifetime. A child has to feel safe and to be very comfortable with the environment. Childhood is indeed the most critical period of time. Infant brain development shows that most of the person's brain develops from ages 0 to 5. If a child receives sufficient nutrition during this period his / her success in kindergarten cannot be measured.

Childhood education should be based on certain learning principles. Some of them are:

  • Learning through senses.
  • Learning through involvement.
  • Learning through play.
  • Learning through imagination.
  • Learning through curiosity etc.

At KIDZEE we focus on some things like:

  • Developing positive self concept.
  • Developing Self esteem.
  • Widen their ideas and thoughts.
  • Developing their listening, reading, thinking, speaking and writing skills.
  • Developing their creativity etc.

Our curriculum is structured in such a way that the children can be strengthened based on Eight Multiple intelligence. We do have child development milestone chart which includes Physical development, Social & Emotional, Cognitive development, Language and Creative development.

Our Pre - Primary Level we have [Playgroup, Nursery, junior kg & senior kg]

  • Interesting balance between learning and playing.
  • Children are engaged with many activities like puzzles, flash cards, flip cards, many teaching aids, games, and role play, and Imagination talk, puppet shows in puppet theatre, story through TV scroll, projects, and field trips.
  • English and phonics are specially designed for children which consists of an interactive multimedia programme with rich graphics, lively character with scenes and dialogues to make learning more fun and effective.
  • We celebrate the following days
    • Colours day.
    • Grandparents day.
    • Sports day.
    • Annual day.
    • Expos.
    • National festivals / Festivals like Pongal, Diwali, Christmas, Krishna Jayanthi, Vinayagar Chathurthi etc.

Field Trips

Children are taken to the places around based on the concepts and given an opportunity to explore the world around them. It will be the visual based learning that is learning through seeing which makes the child very clear about the concept and will never forget what he or she have learnt for their life time. As it remains as the pasteurized subject. Orientation Programs for the parents are conducted to discuss the learning methodologies of the children which helps the child not to get confused with the two different methods teachers and parents but to learn in a Crystal clear way.