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Our Profile

The students acquire an excellent education, growing up embedded in moral values and graduate, to take on the world's challenging demands as they pursue higher studies in global universities.

The school has established its own place among the schools by adopting latest technologies and activity oriented methods to make learning more comprehensive and easier. The school campus is spread over a large area with thoughtfully planned spacious class rooms, play areas and variety of modern facilities along with a lush grass lawn.

We provide the students with a safe, happy, enjoyable learning environment. We offer our students a range of activities and opportunities that are designed to promote excellence, success, confidence and self-esteem.

History of school

"Sun rises in the East giving a new morning, which helps many to make a successful day".

With the similar hope; the school was started on 3rd July 2008 by management veterans Mr. D.N.C. Manivannan and Mrs. Selvi Manivannan, who are serving the organization as Correspondents. They are energetic, motivated, and always students centred, which makes this school a great success.


This is an institution of Discipline, Courage, Excellence.

Our vision is to provide the students with high quality of education and to make them creative and progressive thinkers to face the upcoming challenging world.


"No study, pursued under compulsion, remains rooted in the memory."

To fulfill the vision, a strong foundation is laid for a student's growth and development. Our little students are nurtured tenderly and affectionately to grow up into intelligent, strong and virtuous human beings. The students are also trained in developing ethics like respect, confidence, obedience, kindness, faithfulness, helpful and smartness. The complete personality of the students is developed by creating a leadership with the sense of team work, a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure.


"Think Big"

Theme of the year

"Green India"

(Theme song still in progress)


The outcome of any institution is shown by the increase in the quality of the each child's performance. It is achieved by individual care and excellent schooling given to every child at the school.

  • We educate children to the highest possible standards, by providing a curriculum that improves their imagination and creative thinking.
  • We develop self - confidence and personal qualities in the students such as resourcefulness, accountability, inquisitiveness & open - mindedness.
  • Our constant effort is to prepare students for the real world and pay individual attention to everyone.
  • We encourage initiative and independent thoughts, enabling children to engage positively in exploratory work and team activities.
  • We motivate student's desire for learning and to have positive self-image to communicate boldly.
  • The student's intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is strengthened.