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Teach Next

Teach Next is an eLearning solution that combines the best of the hardware, software, content and service that delivers new-age technology and traditional classroom teaching, and makes for a unique teaching-learning experience, and ensures that the school is able to deliver high quality education to the students.

The advantages of TeachNext are:

High quality content: The solution is optimised to deliver high quality 2D and 3D content in the classroom with an effective and easy to understand navigation. Complete syllabus for all the subjects in CBSE, ISCE or any Indian board is covered in the content.

Detail-oriented: The solution not only delivers content, but also comes with detailed solved examples, virtual experiments and activities, and exercises to ensure that the student benefits immensely in the classroom.

Interactivity: Various tools like content annotation using NextStudio, online dictionary using NextDictionary, and assessing individual students using individual Student Response Systems are part of the solution that makes teaching effective in the TeachNext Classroom.

TeachNext is based on the unique NEXT Learning Model, which captures the philosophy of content development and its usage in a classroom. The NEXT Learning Model at this core combines the best of traditional learning methodology with modern instructional design for the 21st century classroom. In the traditional classroom, the teacher is the primary source of learning and the students are expected to listen and understand. In the NEXT Learning Model, the teacher becomes the facilitator for an exchange of ideas in a classroom environment, and helps the student to develop interest and thereby stimulate learning. During this process, the student is encouraged to collaborate with other students, and together, build new cognitive models for various concepts.