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Conceptual development is thus a continuous process of deepening and enriching connections and acquiring new layers of meaning. Alongside is the development of theories that children have about the natural and social worlds, including themselves in relation to others, which provide them with explanations for why things are the way they are and the relationship between cause and effect.

The move of the CBSE to replace marks with grades is a step in the right direction. The paradigm shift is to empower schools by creating a workable School based continuous and comprehensive scheme.

School Based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system should be established to:

  • Reduce stress on children.
  • Make evaluation comprehensive and regular.
  • Provide space for the teacher for creative teaching.
  • Provide a tool of diagnosis and remediation.
  • Produce learners with greater skills.

Evaluation Pattern

The school follows the CCE scheme of school based assessment for all classes from I to IX in the right spirit with academic integrity which will support better learning and enable to achieve one of the objectives of making learning more enjoyable.