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The reality of how our children are growing up today is very different from what it used to be. The world has enormously changed. Bullying, fear, peer pressure, stress, sexual predators, classroom violence have all taken over our children, and they have more to deal with than our earlier generations ever did. Of course, there has always existed a traditional system of value education that consisted of morals and life skills being passed down through learning systems - whether they were grandma's tales, folk texts or a narrative tradition.

However, when dealing with the demanding and hectic lifestyles being experienced by our children today, the need of the hour is a type of communication that enthuses them while subtly encouraging and influencing them to make the right choices. Films as a medium have an unbelievable impact in society, indirectly educating and influencing thousands across the world. And that was how the idea of SCHOOL CINEMA was born in 2009 - a researched film-based learning module supported by a fun and exciting workbook, designed to introduce and reaffirm life skills, values and morals to children, parents and educators.

We at School Cinema believe that for a child to develop in a holistic manner parents and teachers must work in the same direction, therefore it is imperative that the programme focus on all of them. Currently, School Cinema is a part of the curriculum for over 1,00,000 students across India.

Benefits of School Cinema:

  • Equips students with necessary life skills, values and attitudes
  • Helps promote self-awareness, informed decision making and healthy relationships
  • Helps students become responsible citizens and sensitive towards diversities (gender, religion, culture etc.)
  • Increases self-confidence, allows students to express their thoughts and feelings and reduces stress levels
  • Helps fulfill a child's right to development and participation
  • Enhances interaction among parents, teachers and students; and aids in bringing parents into the circle of learning
  • Provides simple ways of imparting parenting skills and acts as a good teachers training aid
  • Enables assessment of students using the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process
  • Enables students to learn to appreciate good media and films