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Chrysalis ICT & OS

Vijay Vidyashram, Dharmapuri, partners EZ Vidya in implementing Chrysalis - a 21st Century curriculum that enhances the teaching learning process in schools.

About Chrysalis

Chrysalis is a comprehensive, well researched curriculum that enhances the teaching learning process. With strong research backing, the curriculum keeps in mind the current learner and teacher, thereby aiding in educating the learner with the key skills needed in the 21st Century.

Some of the key features of Chrysalis are:

  • Learning conceptualized in a manner to provide an emotionally safe environment for the student.
  • Available in school subjects English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
  • Chrysalis in ICT being implemented in over 300 schools across India.
  • Student friendly and interactive material; My Studio being a student portfolio capturing student learning across the academic year.
  • Comprehensive material for teachers, detailing lesson plans with clearly researched learning outcomes.
  • Seamless integration of technology through TechMate, a 21st Century technology tool.
  • Continuous and training and support for teachers.

About EZ Vidya

EZ Vidya is an educational services organization partnering more than 300 schools across India. Some of the key offerings of EZ Vidya are,

  • Curriculum products.
  • Teacher training services.
  • Educational consulting for schools and corporate bodies.

Apart from working with schools, EZ Vidya partners several corporate bodies and NGOs such as Wipro, IBM, American India Foundation and DELL in their educational endeavours. For more details visit