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Activities are well devised strategically and the Opportunities are laid open wide to pupils to display their talents and pursue their interests that will nurture and make them all rounded personalities, in order to become useful and contributory citizens in the future. Hence a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities are offered.

  • Training students in various indoor / outdoor sports activities.
  • Training students in extracurricular activities with choices open for Bharathanatyam, Western Dance, Vocal music and instrumental music.
  • Annual talent scan conducted to select participants in various programmes by giving equal opportunity to all students to participate at least in one activity.
  • Scholastic Activities are based on the extension of the specific subjects, where the students give hand on the virtual practice of the subjects relating with his real life scenario.

Encouraging Literary activities through various clubs attached to departments:

  • English - Shakespeare Club.
  • Hindi - Kabirdas Club.
  • Tamil - Elangovadigal Club.
  • Science - Dr. Kalam Club.
  • Social Science - Colombus Club.
  • Computer - Bits and Bytes Club.

All these clubs are to nurture the kids on their specific subjects providing a platform to extemporize their skills and pursue their flairs towards perfection.

Reading Programs

  • Active member of Scholastic reading program.
  • Celebrating library week which involves activities on various modes to motivate and create interest in reading amidst pupils.
  • Library equipped with resourceful books and magazines to promote readings habits amidst pupils.
  • News reading assembly - weekly once on national, international, environmental issues and sports, besides exposure to amazing facts and school news update in English, Tamil and Hindi by rotation.

Field Trips

Children are taken out for field trips. They are carefully planned, reviewed and monitored by school staff to ensure the safety of our children; it enables the students to connect classroom learning to life outside the school.

Objectives: To enable the students to

  • Develop interest in out - of - school activities and learning.
  • Broaden their understanding of science concepts and pupils.
  • Enhance knowledge through extended learning.
  • Appreciate interrelation between class room learning and everyday life applications.
  • Connect class room learning to life outside the school.

Unique Endeavours

  • Hand wash day is celebrated to promote the value of Hygiene and cleanliness amidst pupils.
  • Dalmatian day is celebrated to promote unity amidst pupils.
  • Every festival is celebrated immaterial of any religion with right spirit and attitude paying respect to the culture and religion.
  • Food mela to cognize the value of food and its varieties available all over.
  • Chrysalis day is celebrated to display the technology aided learning (computer) flairs of our pupils.
  • Every Saturday is an activity day (No Book Day), where students come on free hands to enjoy life skill, club, project and special activities without books.
  • Project day every month in order to display the cognizance imbibed and implanted into the minds of each pupil on every subjects.